Artistic Development is only one way Big Tree Music can help you. We have performance and voice coaches, producers, record labels, marketing, promoters, your manager will tell you about all this.

Artistic Development
Social Media Management

Agree to be managed by us here at Big Tree Music and not only will you have the support and backing of a major music company, but you will also be allocated a dedicated manager, who's job will be to help and guide you in your career every step of the way.


No longer on your own, struggling to find time to rehearse, write songs, record, etc and fit in marketing, negotiating, book gigs etc, our managers will handle all of the extra stuff so you can concentrate on what you do best, 'Make Music'.


Publicity is one of many crucial things you need to have.


Big Tree Music will help you put together a professional publicity pack, which will include:-



Audio Recordings

your own professional web site


Career C.V.


Whatever we feel you require to enhance your promotional packages we will help you to obtain.


If you have or have not already got a Social Media presence we will sort this out for you and will help to keep it all updated for you.


So no need to worry about Tweeting, updating statuses on Facebook etc, it will all be in hand.


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